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Founded in 2018, our mission is to create an Online IELTS practice system that is
closely similar to the official IELTS tests. Your IELTS preparation will be simpler and
more efficient with great support from our high-qualified and experienced examiners.
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test ielts test ielts


With Testuru, you could practice and prepare for your IELTS
journey anytime and anywhere with our just-for-you study plan
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Rich Tolosi
Head of English faculty at Eynesbury University, Australia. TESOL Certificate at Tabor College, Australia. CELTA Certificate at Cambridge University. IELTS Examiner Certificate. 19 years in teaching English and IELTS.
Simon Gamewell
London University. 15 years in teaching and assessing IELTS. Specialist in training English teacher during the time in Southest Asia.
George Adams
A global educationist, having worked in Vietnam, Panama, Australia and the South Pacific Islands. Teaching IELTS in Vietnam for almost 8 years and currently teach IELTS at Scots English (Australia).
Irene Salis
Thoroughly implemented the English Curriculum for teachers. Training students for the international Cambridge PET, FCE and IELTS exams.

and 30 other IELTS examiners

Open letter

There are about 90% of candidates who are not satisfied with their IELTS result in their first attempt and about 60% of taking the test 3 times to get their target scores.
People spend a lot of money on these attempts. They have to pay about 10 - 20 million VND. However, have you learned anything from your failure or you just got your disappointment and a test result? The candidates might blame themselves for not working hard and preparing well for the test. Hence, they are not sure about their future when they do not achieve their objective scores.

Many IELTS candidates may have the same feeling. You are good students, and you spend a lot of time to prepare for the test. Also, you do a lot of readings and exercises. Nevertheless, you may be anxious when you take the real test because of time pressure, so you may forget what you have learned. How frustrated it is. Therefore, you keep taking the test repeatedly until you achieve your objective scores. However, the IELTS fee is quite expensive. If you take the test many times, you have to spend a lot of money on it which causes financial problems for your budget.

Testuru’s staff experienced the same problems because we were international students, so we spent a lot of time and money to take the IELTS tests. We struggled with the tests and take 5 or 6 attempts to achieve our target scores. We frustrated and disappointed because we did not know what we did wrong or how to achieve a high score in the tests, and what strategies we should use in taking IELTS. Hence, we create an online platform to help Vietnamese candidates overcome and achieve their objective scores for their IELTS tests at affordable prices. We corporate with experts, examiners and experienced IELTS teachers which help us create exciting and wonderful experiences in taking the online mock test with the structure like the actual one. Candidates can use this platform to practice and take the mock tests to prepare for the official tests at anywhere and anytime. Surprisingly, the price for the mock test is about 1/10 of the real one. Moreover, candidates will get feedback from experts and examiners to improve their weaknesses efficiently to achieve their target scores.
Instead of paying 20 million VND for 5 IELTS attempts, you just need to pay 5 million VND for 10 attempts taking the mock tests continuously to prepare for the real tests.

Martin Doan.


Mock test scores are as same as official scores 45.2%
Difference 0.5 band from official scores 41.9%
Difference 1 band from official scores 12.9%


I took the Speaking test at Testuru. Before taking the mock exam at Testuru, I got 8.5 in my official test. Then, I also got 8.5 at Testuru. It illustrates that Testuru has an accurate grading system. My favorite tool in Testuru system is a record which helps me review my speaking performance.
I am extremely impressed with the Speaking test at Testuru. With affordable cost, not only can I be proactive in terms of time and place, but I also have a realistic experience with the native examiner. I also receive very detailed comments and suggestions from the examiner so that I am aware of my weaknesses and strengths to prepare better the next times.
Taking the mock tests on Testuru helps me prepare better for the official test. I receive feedback from examiners which helps me improve my weaknesses and enhance my strength for a better result in the real test.
Testuru's unique selling point
test ielts
Certified and experienced Ielts Examiners are from America, England, Australia, Canada, etc.
test ielts
During the speaking test, the user will have a live conversation with the Examiner on Testuru’s video calling platform.
test ielts
Writing essays will be corrected and revised thoroughly by certified and qualified examiners.
test ielts
A live conversation with the examiner on testuru's video calling platform
Users will take the Speaking tests online and interact directly with examiners through Testuru’s video calling system. It brings useful experiences for users, and they will be more confident in taking the official tests.
Detailed revisions will be given for writing tasks
Writing tasks will be graded and provided detailed feedbacks based on 4 criteria of the official tests which make them improve their writing skills and prepare better for the tests.
test ielts
test ielts test ielts
A detailed report of common mistakes in listening and reading tests
Analyzing common mistakes and question types help users know their weaknesses and strength. Then, they will find appropriate strategies and focus on improving their weaknesses. Users will save time and prepare well for the official tests if they have suitable study methods.
Test result statistics
Test statistic helps user evaluate and adjust their study methods to achieve their target scores.
test ielts test ielts