About Testuru

Testuru is a technology platform that enables IELTS test takers to do the mock tests effectively and conveniently
Testuru’s superior features
Real-test experience
Mock tests that simulate the actual tests will provide you with real experience and get you well-prepared for the official IELTS exam.
Flexible test schedule
Based on technology platform, Testuru enables the users to do the tests at anytime and anywhere.
An effective ielts practice system
Your tests will be marked and given thorough correction with detailed evaluation by experienced examiners so you will be aware of your own improvements after each test taken.
Testuru's unique selling point
Certified and experienced Ielts Examiners are from America, England, Australia, Canada, etc.
During the speaking test, the user will have a live conversation with the Examiner on Testuru’s video calling platform.
Writing essays will be corrected and revised thoroughly by certified and qualified examiners.
A live conversation with the examiner on testuru's video calling platform
Detailed revisions will be given for writing tasks
A detailed report of common mistakes in listening and reading tests
Test result statistics