To be able to communicate in English naturally and fluently, the first thing you need to learn is vocabulary. As Vietnamese, you can only speak English fluently if you have a rich vocabulary. Therefore, to help you learn English and review English vocabulary effectively, TESTURU will synthesize a list of free Websites to help you learn English effectively.

những trang web giúp ích cho việc học tiếng Anh online

1. https://leerit.com/  

LeeRit helps you learn vocabulary effectively and memorize words faster with Smart Quiz - the world's most advanced vocabulary learning program. With common English topics in life such as family, career, sports ... LeeRit is a free website to learn English vocabulary and it is suitable for those who have lost their basic knowledge or just started learning English. LeeRit word sets are carefully compiled by LeeRit and each word is tested by LeeRit's English teachers.

2. https://www.vocabulary.com/

Vocabulary.com is a website that helps you learn essential vocabulary so you can pass the exams. The difference of this website is that it has a  "Play" section that helps you play and learn new words. Therefore, learning becomes more simple and more interesting. However, the website is completely in English so new English learners will have difficulty when they start learning. 

3. https://www.tienganh123.com/

Tienganh123.com is an online English learning website for all ages from elementary school students to working people. With easy-to-understand English lessons that help people improve their English language. Tienganh123.com is the leading online English learning website in Vietnam, a great place for self-study, supplementing knowledge, expanding vocabulary and practicing listening and speaking skills at all levels.

những trang web học từ vựng tiếng Anh online hiệu quả
10 trang web học từ vựng tiếng Anh online hiệu quả

4. https://www.voca.vn/

VOCA is a smart learning system that will help you memorize vocabulary easily after only a short time. VOCA.VN is a product of the VOCA language project ecosystem, built to help Vietnamese students remove English barriers.

5. https://iyoloenglish.edu.vn/

iYOLO provides English vocabulary according to common topics in life such as vocabulary used in airports, restaurants, common topics in everyday life such as delivery, career, family, clothing, weather, and many specialized vocabulary topics. iYOLO English provides vocabulary lessons, pronunciation and self-study English videos that help you to apply in daily life. And it is designed to suit those who lost English basic knowledge and people who are busy working and lacking time to learn English.

6. https://quizlet.com/

A great website for learning English and it will help you learn vocabulary and memorize related phrases easily. Especially if you want to learn more about English academic vocabulary, the website offers you more words. Also, you can ask questions with other learners to discuss and come up with the most appropriate correct answer.

những trang web giúp ích cho việc học tiếng Anh online
những trang web học từ vựng tiếng Anh online hiệu quả

7. http://membean.com/

The site offers pretty good topic-based vocabulary, but the best part about them is word-root. This is an important part of the vocabulary. Also, you can join the games section on this page to improve your vocabulary.

8. http://www.manythings.org/vocabulary/

This page literally means "many things" - you can find the vocabulary of many topics on this page. The vocabularies here are daily vocabulary or words by topic ... And you can find in the box "Choose a Set of Word List" to choose the topic and start learning offline. The downside on this page is that they only offer vocabulary, they do not give explanations, so you need to lookup more meanings to understand some of the words.

9. http://learnenglish.britishcouncil.org/vocabulary

This vocabulary games section is on the British Council's English page, the English vocabulary here is at a basic level, if you do not have many vocabularies, you should start from this page.

10. https://baosongngu.vn/

Baosongngu specializes in sharing the best bilingual articles updated with breaking news daily from major Vietnamese newspapers. Reading the newspaper regularly, your English level will be improved especially in vocabulary as well as expanded sources of information around the world.

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