FASHION can be seen as one of the most popular hobbies of many people including boys and girls. Moreover, this topic often appears in the IELTS Speaking test. Therefore, it would be important for you to have knowledge and also vocabularies about this exciting issue. Let's dive in!

A. Types of shoes

fashion vocabularies
fashion vocabularies

1. Sneaker – /ˈsniːkər/ a shoe that you wear for sports or as informal clothing

2. (High) heels – /hiːlz/ shoes that have very high heels, usually worn by women

3. Boots – /buːts/ a strong shoe that covers the foot and ankle and often the lower part of the leg

4. Sandals – /ˈsæn.dəl/ a type of light open shoe that is worn in warm weather. The top part consists of leather bands that attach the sole to your foot.

5. Slipper – /ˈslɪp.ɚz/ a loose soft shoe that you wear in the house

6. Rain boots – /reɪn buːts/ shoes that you wear in the rainy weather

7. Flats – /flæts/ (also flatties) shoes with a very low heel


B. Types of trousers/skirt

fashion vocabularies
fashion vocabularies

1. Jeans – /dʒiːnz/ trousers/pants made of strong cotton, especially denim

2. Dress pant – /dress pænts/ Dress pants are a style of pants intended as formal or semi-formal wear

3. Cargo pants – /ˈkɑː.ɡəʊ ˌpænts/ loose trousers that have pockets in various places, for example on the side of the leg above the knee

4. Sweatpants – /ˈswet.pænts/ loose warm trousers/pants, usually made of thick cotton and worn for relaxing or playing sports in

5. Shorts – /ʃɔːts/ short trousers/pants that end above or at the knee

6. Skirt – /skɝːt/ a piece of clothing for a woman or girl that hangs from the waist


C. Types of jacket/shirt

fashion vocabularies
fashion vocabularies

1. Tank top – /ˈtæŋk ˌtɑːp/ a sweater without sleeves

2. T-shirt – /ˈtiː.ʃɜːt/ an informal shirt with short sleeves and no collar or buttons, or just a few buttons at the top

3. Shirt – /ʃɜːt/ a piece of clothing (usually for men), worn on the upper part of the body, made of light cloth, with sleeves and usually with a collar and buttons down the front

4. Sweater – /ˈswet.ər/ a knitted piece of clothing made of wool or cotton for the upper part of the body, with long sleeves. In British English the word is used to describe a piece of clothing with no buttons. In American English a sweater can have buttons and be like a jacket

5. Coat – /koʊt/ a piece of outdoor clothing that is worn over other clothes to keep warm or dry. Coats have sleeves and may be long or short.

6. Vest – /vest/ (British English waistcoat) a short piece of clothing with buttons down the front but no sleeves, usually worn over a shirt and under a jacket, often forming part of a man’s suit

7. Blazer – /ˈbleɪ.zɚ/ a jacket, not worn with matching trousers/pants, often showing the colours or badge of a club, school, team, etc.

8. Jacket – /ˈdʒæk.ɪt/ a piece of clothing worn on the top half of the body over a shirt, etc. that has sleeves and fastens down the front; a short, light coat


D. Accessorries

fashion vocabularies
fashion vocabularies

1. Hat – /hæt/ a covering made to fit the head, often with a brim (= a flat edge that sticks out), and worn out of doors

2. Cap – /kæp/ a type of soft flat hat with a peak (= a hard curved part sticking out in front). Caps are worn especially by men and boys, often as part of a uniform

3. Tie – /taɪ/ (also necktie) a long narrow piece of cloth worn around the neck, especially by men, with a knot in front

4. Belt – /belt/ a long narrow piece of leather, cloth, etc. that you wear around the waist

5. Socks – /sɒks/ a piece of clothing that is worn over the foot, ankle and lower part of the leg, especially inside a shoe

6. Sunglasses – /ˈsʌŋˌɡlɑː.sɪz/ a pair of glasses with dark glass in them that you wear to protect your eyes from bright light from the sun


E. Adjectives in topic "Fashion"

fashion vocabularies
fashion vocabularies

1. Stylish/fashion = fashionable; elegant and attractive

It was a stylish performance by both artists.

2. Chic = the quality of being fashionable and elegant

It's a perfectly dressed woman with an air of chic that was unmistakably French.

3. Must – have = used to say that something is necessary or very important

This a must-have hat that you need for your summer collection.

4. Vintage = An item of age, usually from around the 1920's to approx 20 years ago. The items could be anything from furniture, children's toys, to clothing and household.

This pattern is part of a collection of vintage designs.

5. Classic = elegant, but simple and traditional in style or design; not affected by changes in fashion

That shoes is classic.

6. Essential = necessary, important, you must have it

This book is essential reading for all nature lovers


F. Good phrases used in topic "Fashion"

fashion vocabularies
fashion vocabularies

1. Casual Clothes = clothes that is relaxed, occasional, spontaneous, "suited for everyday use", or "informal"

Her dress was casual but stunning.

2. Fashion House = a company that designs and sells new styles of clothes, shoes, bags, etc.,especially expensive ones

The old fashion houses are finding a new creative spark to power them through the dark times.

3. Fashion show = a show in which models display clothes to prospective buyers

Paris Fashion Week is one of my favorite fashion shows.

4. The height of fashion = to be extremely fashionable

All these artists were the height of fashion in the middle years of the 19th century.

5. To be on trend = conforming to the latest fashion

Like any accessory, your car must be on trend and fashion forward.

6. To get dressed up = to wear smart clothes

You are dressed up. Are you going somewhere?

7. Well-dressed = neatly, expensively, or fashionably attired

He's still the most well-dressed man.

8. To suit someone = to be convenient or suitable for someone

The new hairstyle really suits her.

9. To keep up with the latest fashion = to learn about or be aware of the news, current fashion

You need to keep up with the latest fashion if you want to be on trend.

10. To have a sense of style = fashion sense

But great fashion sense is doing it your own way.

11. To go out of fashion = not popular or approved of

Jeans go in and out of fashion, but I always love them.

12. Off the peg = clothes are made in large numbers and sent to shops, not made specially for a particular person

Instead of wearing expensive suits, he likes to buy clothes off the peg.

13. Hand-me-downs = are things, especially clothes, which have been used by someone else before you and which have been given to you for your use.

Edward wore Andrew's hand-me-downs.

14. Designer label = refers for clothing and other personal accessory items sold under an often prestigious marque

Rolex, Chanel, Louis Vuition can be seen as designer label.

15. To look good in = a person's hair cut, makeup, or clothes match that person well, and make that person look good

Jane really looks good in her new hair style.

16. To mix and match = select and combine different but complementary items, such as clothing or pieces of equipment, to form a coordinated set.

I really like mix and match clothes because it's very interesting and creative.

17. Vintage clothes = is used to describe clothing between 20 and 100 years old that is also clearly representative of the era in which it was produced

Flapper dresses, long beads, heeled Mary Janes, and T-strap shoes can be seen as vintage clothing.

18. To take pride in one’s appearance =  to look at someone/something very carefully and well

He takes pride in his appearance, setting a high standard to exemplify his healthy leadership style.

19. To have an eye for (fashion) = have good taste in fashion

Lily has an eye for fashion, so I always go shopping with her.

20. To dress to kill = wearing glamorous clothes intended to create a striking impression.

I have to be dressed to kill at this event tonight - a lot of important people will be there.

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