Probably, IELTS Speaking is the skill that you are afraid the most compared to the other skills of IELTS exam, because it requires quick and flexible reactions when you have to face and give answers to the examiner directly in a short time. Therefore TESTURU will introduce to you 5 tips to get a higher score while taking the IELTS Speaking test. And the last tip would be the greatest one.

1. Pronunciation

For any languages, if you want to be able to speak well, the most important factor which you need to practice is correct pronunciation. Therefore, it is obvious that the pronunciation point will account for about 60-70% of your whole band score. Pronunciation is a prerequisite of speaking skills. If you want the judges to understand you and evaluate your band score, you have to pronounce correctly.

be careful with your pronunciation
be careful with your pronunciation

2. Fluency 

During the speaking test, try your best to speak as much as possible and restrict the hesitation. The examiners will base on your speech to assess the language ability and evaluate your skills. Therefore, do not be worried too much when you make mistake, or because of being scared of saying something wrong and you do not dare to say anything. 

3. Expansion and Coherence

You should keep in mind that IELTS is an exam to test your English proficiency, so expanding an answer is crucial. Having expanding skills will show that you understand the topic and also have the ability to use language to convey what you want to say. However, this expansion should be accompanied with the coherence. This helps you avoid rambling and digressing. If you are off your topic, your speech will be inconherent. Hence, this will affect your band score badly.

remember expand your answer
remember to expand your answer

4. Repetition with Understanding 

If you are not sure about the topic which you are given to. You should keep calm and repeat the topic in the way that you understand. And if you still do not know those words, ask the teacher politely to help you explain. 

At no time can you ask the examiner to change your topic. This will be the worst situation and your score is definitely under average.

5. Confidence and Smile

don't be scared
don't be scared

Last but not least, the final tip would be the most effective one that helps you feel less nervous before entering into the real exam. It would be difficult for you to relax yourself and do not panic or to feel nervous. But try your best to not let those negative feelings lead to unthorough thought. The most effective stress reduction tip which you should try is to smile with your judge first.

And remember, success is a reflection of your training. Hence, you must do your best and diligently improve your knowledge to be confident and achieve the best results in the upcoming exam.

Good luck!

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