1. Concentration 

The most necessary skill in listening test is the concentration. You need to pay attention and grasp the problem that recording is talking about in order to avoid distracting and ignoring important details.

2. Meeting New Words 

During the time of listening, meeting new words is unavoidable. But you should not be so scared, all you need to do when hearing the new words is to quickly and flexibly arrange the remaining words to guess the full meaning of that new word. The good thing is that new words in the listening part will not be as much and difficult as in reading’s. However, it is not fine if you meet so many new words and can not understand too much. Because it will lead to a problem that you are not able to hear or guess the content of the speech which the recorder is reading. Therefore, trying your best to cultivate vocabularies for yourself.

3. Do not spend too much time on one question

You will have to accept the fact that you can not hear and understand everything you have listened to the recorder. So it is completely understandable that having errors or not hearing a few words clearly. Thus, do not be so scared whenever finding yourself unable to hear or choose wrong answer. What you need to do is to choose the answer which you believes that it is the most suitable. Then ignoring that question and moving on to the next one. Remember that recording only runs once.

4. Request and Grammar 

Paying attention to the topic is crucial. In the IELTS test, you will often encounter topics like "Write no more than 3 words", "Write only one word", so you must be sure not to write over the number of word that the topic requires. Besides, you also need to focus on grammars and vocabularies when writing the answers. Especially singular, plural nouns, verbs that go with he/she/it and tenses to choose the correct form of verb.


5. Use the preparation time

Before each sections, you always have a short time to read through the requirements. This is a precious time to give you a brief and general overview of what is about to be heard. Therefore, you must read the questions carefully and try to grasp the main idea. Do not worry too much about the time to write your answer on the answer sheet because in the end of the test, you will have time to do that. Moreover, you should not think or check the previous questions that you could not hear clearly. Instead that, in the time of preparation, you should read those questions of the next part.

After all, in order to achieve success and confidence when taking the exam, you must equip yourself with sufficient knowledge and good listening skills. Wish you all the best and have a successful exam!

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