Reading IELTS is a reading section usually consisting of 3 paragraphs and about 40 questions that need to be answered in an hour. The time taken for this test is quite short, so most of you will be hard to complete this test without the reading and analytical skills to choose the right answer. Here TESTURU will introduce to you some study methods as well as tips to be able to do IELTS Reading effectively.

1. Vocabularies

It would be true to say that vocabulary is the most essential and important factor in the Reading test. Because in the reading, this is the part that you will come across so many new words and the vocabulary in the reading is always harder and more complex than the other sections. So, the first important thing is that you need to cultivate and equip yourself with a sufficient and academic vocabulary, especially synonyms in English. Because this is definitely the problem you encounter a lot when testing this skill. Cultivating vocabulary and synonyms not only helps you in the reading skills but also for others. 

Enrich your vocabulary is the first step in IELTS Reading
Enrich your vocabulary is the first step in IELTS Reading

2. Skim and Scan or Read carefully? 

+ Skimming

A quick reading to understand the topic, main content, topic sentences and main ideas in the lesson and each paragraph. With this skill, you will be able to easily find the information area you need to answer the question.

+ Scanning

It is also a method of skimming, but different from Skimming, Scanning is skimming based on keywords, then from those keywords to choose the correct answer.

+ Skim and Scan or Read carefully?

TESTURU's advice is to skim and read carefully. Sounds contradictory, right? This next explanation will help you understand why we should do that.

When you receive the handwritten sheet, after reading the topic, you should quickly skim through the previous question to determine what the question is, and the question will give you some ideas about the topic you are about to do. Next, you go back to the reading and start reading the whole story briefly. However, when speaking briefly, you do not glance too quickly in case of missing ideas. Reading through the whole article will give you a quick overview of the topic you are working on. Besides that, when you read the entire article, you will be able to locate where to get information to answer the questions that the topic asks.

When delineating the area of the article to get information, this is the time you should read carefully to make sure you will not fall into the trap of the subject. Be careful with the negative phrases and the trap words that the topic has come up with.

 làm thế nào để đạt điểm cao ielts reading?
Skim, scan or read carefully?

3. Main idea of each paragraphs

This should be done while you begin to skim the whole article. Defining the content and understanding the gist of each section will help you be able to clearly distinguish between paragraphs. Pay attention to the opening or ending sentences of each paragraph. That is usually the topic sentence of the paragraph. Understanding and identifying each paragraph will help you easily localize the information you are looking for. Also, you will not feel confused when meeting similar information.

4. Analyse the questions

When you take the IELTS Reading test, you will find 3 types of questions: filling in the blank, multiple choice and True/False/Not given (T/F/NG). 

+ Filling in the blank

For the subject filling, be careful of the number of words that the topic requires you to fill in the blanks. Remember not to write longer or shorter and be careful with the grammar of the vocabulary. This type of subject requires a lot of vocabulary, especially synonyms. Because you will almost never come across a situation where the word in the request will be the same as the one you are looking for. Instead, they will use synonyms. Try your best to enrich your vocabulary.

Be careful with the trap!
Be careful with the trap!

+ Multiple choice and True/False/Not given

As for the multiple-choice test and T/F/NG, there will be many popular traps in these kinds of subjects. Because you will encounter a lot of questions where 3 - 4 answers mean the same. So you all caught in the post. Then be careful because this is the trap that has been set for you. The reason for these situations is skimming quickly and accidentally omitted important keywords. Therefore, calmly analyze and read carefully as well as checking the differences, please note the differences in the subject, especially negative words. Then read the article carefully to determine the information.

5. Prediction

Not everyone can understand the vocabulary and comprehend the whole gist of a lesson. Even there is a case that the article is too long and you may not be able to finish reading it. Then the ability to predict words and the meaning of the article is extremely important. Meeting new words is understandable, no matter how many words you have, it is highly likely that you will encounter new words during the test.

Therefore, use the time to analyze what you read and then guess what may be happening, linking the relationship between the question in the topic and the ideas in the article to find out the correct answers.

However, to predict correctly is not easy at all. This requires a long training process, you must know a certain number of vocabulary. Besides, you also have to do a lot of preparation test so that you can understand how to formulate and become familiar with the matter and traps of IELTS Reading. Therefore, you can form up this skill.6. Practice makes perfect

how to learn IELTS reading? practice makes perfect

Once again, TESTURU reminds you of this factor - this last tip and also the most crucial element is PRACTICE. Only with practice, perseverance as well as diligent effort, you can cultivate and improve your reading skills. None of the tips above will work if you do not try your best to enhance your knowledge and practice every day. To be honest, all the tips that TESTURU mentioned above are all gained after a long training process. So, let's start practicing right away.

Good luck !

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