Learning is a long and hard process. You can not be successful after few days of learning. Therefore, Testuru will introduce to you some good and simple tips which can be applied in your daily habit to improve your English level!

1. Changing your phone language into English mode

learnign English online
learning English online

Nowadays, the phone is considered as an inseparable object to many people. This can be seen as the most favorite and widely used item for young people. So when you turn your phone into an English mode, this is a way for you to practice thinking in English every day.

Not only the phone, you can also set up an English mode for all the softwares or the social media that you often use or visit such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Changing the language into English is a simple way for you to compare the language between two countries, from which you can encounter and learn many simple vocabularies in life.

2. Talking to Siri or Google Assistant

Siri and Google Assistant are tools which are easy to test your pronunciation and listening skills. As this is an automatic searching engine, your pronunciation must be correct so that the system can hear it and reply your commands.

Using Siri and Google Assistant is a method for you to practice speaking English every day. First, you can start with simple commands. After that, gradually moving to make a conversation with these automatic tools, your speaking skills will be improved. In my opinion, this way of learning is also very interesting, isn't it!

talking with my phone can improve my English?
talking with my phone can improve my English? 

3. Practicing to think in English

Besides speaking English alone, you should practice to think in English too. An "inner monologue" form sounds quite weird but it is really useful. To apply this method is quite easy, all you need to do is just thinking about the problems encountered in life or creating a conversation in English in your head. When you meet any words that you do not know, you can look up the dictionary to "fill up" your thoughts.

At first, you may think that this technique has many difficulties, but later you will find it easier to do. Your vocabulary and reflex will be enhanced. And when you are familiar to think in English, it won’t take time to translate Vietnamese into English when you speak.

4. Reading English books, newspapers and stories

reading English article
reading English article

Do not force yourself to choose literary works in academic English, as you will feel under pressure when you have to read. Moreover, the vocabulary may be too sophisticated, this will easily discourage you due to difficult understanding. And one more thing that you should remember is that do not force yourself to understand all the content that you have read.

Instead that, you should pick out normal entertaining articles, or works with topics that you like, or simple stories. Learning should not be too restrictive, therefore, you should read what you like, the more comfortable your mind is, the easier you acquire new knowledge.

5. Watching movies with English subtitles

Watching movies in English is probably the way that you are all recommended to do when learning English. And there must be a reason why it is so popular.

Watching films will help you to practice your listening skills effectively, because the speed as well as the tone and the usage of words in the movie is the natural way that native speakers use to communicate in their daily lives. Therefore, learning English through movies is definitely the right method.

If you want to get more important information how to learn English through movies effectively and achieve good results, you can read the article Learn English through movies – effective way or time-consuming which Testuru has writen. In this article, Testuru will discuss how to learn English online through films.

watching movies
watching movies

6. Learning vocabularies every day

First, you need to understand that this tip does not require you to compose a series of topics, or a long list of words and cram into your head every day.

We will introduce to you a flashcard learning ways and some useful applications to learn vocabulary on the phone. All you need to do is spending about 5 -10 minutes everyday to read the meaning of those words, practice the pronunciation of those words and keep repeating this action.

You should remember the point of this tip is the repetition. Therefore, you need to revise the words everyday and make it become your habit. Then, the vocabulary will gradually go into your long-term memory and become your knowledge. After that you can memorize these vocabularies thoroughly.

7. Finding for yourself an environment to practice standard English

talk as much as possible
talk as much as possible

There are many activities in which you can participate to have an opportunity to meet foreign friends such as joining in voluntary activities of non-governmental organizations, working part-time for a travel company, becoming a city tour guide and leading foreign tourists to visit the city by motorbikes, ...

By doing this, not only your English will be significantly improved, but you can also earn a little money for yourself. However, if you want to get these jobs, you still need to have an English language which is quite enough to communicate.

Besides, you should practice what you have learned every day, anytime, anywhere. For instances, using English to chat Yahoo, Facebook, Zalo, ... with native speakers or Vietnamese who are good at English. You should try your best to use English when chatting with everyone, create an opportunity to communicate with native English speakers, change the language of your phone into English mode, etc... These actions will give you a chance to practice English everyday. Moreover, this method also brings high efficiency to people who are busy but want to learn English.

In addition, Testuru has now launched a new feature to help busy people who need to practice communication in English online - English Talk. English Talk will be an ideal environment for you to practice communicating in English, because you will have the opportunity to chat with native people, from which your listening skill will be able to enhanced quickly. You can visit Testuru.com website or download the app on the phone store to get more detail information.

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