For people who have spent time on learning English, during the time of studying, they must have been advised about watching English movies or listening to US or UK songs to improve the listening skills. So the question is: “Is it really effective to learn from films and how can we achieve the desired results after seeing a movie?

1. Benefits from practicing listening through movies

a) Approach to natural language

Lessons which you learn at school, are often composed according to the curriculum. Therefore, learning English from books or lectures only gives you stereotypical knowledge and academic vocabularies. Then, listening to English from films will be a closer step to help you approach and understand the language which are commonly used in daily conversations. Because this is also the native language of local speakers.

b) Imitate the voice of a native speaker

Listening from movies is the most effective tool that helps you to familiarize and imitate the accent of indigenous people. This is the thing that you can't learn if you only follow the lectures of the school.

Because the dialogue on the film is also the way that native speakers talk everyday, you will have a chance to get acquainted with the natural voice, the press in the tone and also appropriate intonation.

c) English-American jargon, slang and jokes

Learning languages ​​through films will help you cultivate your vocabularies. In addition, this is also a method to help you identify and select words that are appropriate to situations that often occur in daily life.

Another thing that schools hardly teach you is slang words as well as American jokes. Only when watching movies that you have the opportunity to access and know the slang of these countries using this language. Besides, the American way of joking is different from the jokes of the other countries, so the best way for you to learn about gags is movies or TV shows.

For some of you, it may not be necessary to understand more about slang or jokes. But for those who want to study abroad or settle in English-speaking countries, it is a good idea to know more about the normal way of speaking, slang words and jokes of indigenous people. Because it will help you integrate quickly and understand their culture better.

d) Learning through movies is funnier than studying on books

Learning from films will make you feel more interesting than learning on a book, because there are more vivid images and sounds. Also when you do not understand the meaning of words, you can rely on the movie circuit, or the actions of the actors to guess the general subtance. Therefore, acquiring new knowledge through movies will be more fun than studying on books. In addition, the content of the flicks is also more exciting.

In conclusion, we can learn from movies. Moreover, not only films but also music can bring us many knowledge that the schools can not. However, not everyone is capable of learning through movies and music. Some people watch and learn effectively but there are others who finish watching and do not acquire anything? So learning through films aside from the benefits, what are the disadvantages? 

2. The reasons why studying through movies are not effective

a) You are able to hear but unable to understand

This is the biggest obstacle for those who want to apply this listening method. It is undeniable that if you want to practice hearing from movies, you also need to have at least a basic level of vocabulary. And your English listening skills must be at the average level. The reason is when you watch English movies, you are listening to the normal speaking speed of native speakers. So the speed will be faster and the pronunciation won’t be as clear as to when learning in school. Besides, the structure and regional accent are the two difficulties that you may face when listening to their conversations. Therefore, the situation of hearing but not understanding is completely understandable.

b) Learning English through movies will take a lot of time

A short English film would last for at least 2 to 3 hours. So watching a movie has already taken a lot of your time. Next, you need certain patience if you want to learn vocabulary or practice listening through movies. Because you always need a pen and paper while watching to take note of all the new words or good phrases that you encounter during the movie.

Practicing listening is about repeating the process of hearing. So that means you need to watch a 3-hour-movie again and again, it seems to be not very good? Not to mention that you will be bored when you have to watch the movie that you have already seen.

c) Distraction during practicing

Watching movies will usually be considered as an entertaining action to relax after stressful working hours. Therefore, studying through movies will inadvertently make you forget that you are learning because of the comfortable feeling when watching movies. After that, every time that you watch a movie, you impose yourself to learn, and sooner or later you will feel tired of studying through films.

Another reason why movie learning is not effective is that you will easily give up while watching a movie. You will easily fall into tiredness, laziness, or because the movie is so attractive that you keep watching and forget about the initial learning purpose.

3. How can we practice listening through movies effectively?

Testuru will introduce to you 4 steps to practice listening successfully with movies

Step 1: Choose a movie you like, but if possible, choose a movie that you have already seen instead of a new one. Because it is easier for you to guess the word if you do not know the meaning. And if you have watched it, you won't easily get caught up with the movie content.

Step 2: Watch movies without turning on the script or English subtitles. You simply watch the movie from beginning to end, feel free to watch the movie and not force yourself to understand the whole vocabulary to see how much you can listen to and understand. 

Step 3: Turn on a script or English subtitles and re-watch the film. This time, you need to read carefully and pay attention to the words that you can not hear in step 2. Then, note the vocabulary that you do not know, or the sentence structures that you find interesting. After that, take the time to learn and practice the pronunciation of these words carefully. This will be the most time-consuming and sophisticated step, but it is also the most crucial and effective stage that helps you enhance your skills.

Step 4: After step 3, then step 4 will be the test to check your vocabulary which you have learned from movies. After the time of learning, now you have mastered all the vocabulary and known the content of the movie. So it will be easy for you to practice listening to the whole episode again. Try your best to make sure that in this stage, you can hear 80 to 100 percent of the whole movie content. 

These are 4 steps to help you learn listening English through movies. It is not necessary for you to finish all 4 phases in one go because learning is a long process. Therefore, you should not try your best to cram everything in your head in a short time. Maintaining your perseverance and hard work would be the key factor of success.

4. Online listening practice with Testuru

In addition, you can practice listening through learning English online applications. Online learning has now become much more convenient and beneficial.

You can visit Testuru English Talk – a technology platform that supports you to learn English communication online. You probably know that speaking is an effective way to improve your listening skills. Therefore, practicing with native speaker will help you improve your English listening skills. 

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