Step 1 : Register and Login.

Step 2 : Click the arrow next to the profile image and choose "Take a test" or click "Test now" on the homepage.

Step 3 : Book a schedule.

Step 4 : Take an exam.

You can take your Listening, Reading and Writing test at anytime. For the Speaking test, you have to follow the schedule assigned.

Step 1 : Registered your account, or login (if registered)

Step 2 : Click "PREPARATION" and choose "Speaking test".

Step 3 : Choose type of your test (Academic or General) and click a test date convenient to you.

During the test, if there is any unexpected happens, do not hesitate to inform us by taking and sending a photo or calling directly at 0784 680 448 || 028 7300 7677 . You will be retested free of charge.

If you cannot take part in the exam, you have to inform us 5 hours before your Speaking test started. Testuru will transfer your test date only one time.
Otherwise, your Speaking schedule will be terminated if you do not inform Testuru in time.

You will NOT receive the official IELTS certificate from Testuru. However, you will be evaluated in detail your current level by the certified IELTS examiners. That helps you make a better preparation before taking the official exam.
In case your current level is much lower than your target score, Testuru will create the learning path tailored to you to achieve your goal.

It is important to ensure that at least three continuous tests (Listening, Reading and Writing) are not interrupted because there is, in fact, no break between them:

Listening section: In the Listening test, you will hear a number of different recordings and you have to answer the questions on what you hear. The test is in four sections, and it lasts approximately 30 minutes. There will be time for you to read the instructions and questions. At the end of the test, you will have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet.

During the test, you can highlight keywords and mark your answers directly on the paper, otherwise you can write your answers quickly on the answer sheet you printed out before and using the ten minutes given at the end of the test for transfer.

Reading section: The Reading test consists of three reading passages 60 minutes, and you will have to enter your answers directly on the table given on our Webpage or Mobile app as extra time is not allowed.

Writing section: In the Writing test, you will choose either paper test or computer test.
For paper test, you have to prepare the writing answer sheets for both Tasks (Task 1 and Task 2), and you will write your answers on them, and at the end of the test, you will have to take photos of your answers and upload them to the system.
For computer test, you have to type your answer directly into Testuru website, also in 60 minutes.

Speaking section: In the Speaking test, you will have an online interview with the IELTS examiner, so make sure that Internet connection is available and your devices work properly throughout the test. Equally important is to pay attention to the test time.

Yes, they are current examiners or very experienced previous examiners, with lots of experience with IELTS.

Yes. You will be sent a pack with both types of question.

You can take your Writing test in both ways:

Option 1: You will write down your answer on A4 paper, then you take photos and upload them on our system.

Option 2: You will type your answer directly into the answer sheet on Testuru system.

Type and save your work as Microsoft Word file (or just a text file), then attach and send it to us. That's all!

For single test:

Listening / Reading: It will be scored and released within an 1 hour after submission.

Speaking: It will be scored and released within 24 hours after finishing the test.

Writing: It will be scored and released within 24 - 48 hours after submission.

For full package: you will get the test results after 24 - 48 hours since the time you have finished all 4 skills.

Your package expires after 3 months. from the day you activate it. The Speaking test will be terminated if you cannot participate in your exam without informing Testuru 60 minutes before your Speaking test started.

There are 2 ways for payment:

Option 1: Bank transfer:

Pay directly through Testuru bank account. After receiving the transfer, Testuru will update the information and inform you.

Please fill the following information in clearly:

Phone number (registered on Testuru) + Order name + Order code

Option 2: Online payment

Secured payment by debit card and credit card (VISA/MASTER/JCB)

You can call directly Testuru in hotline:

Phone: +84 784 680 448 || +84 28 73007677

Testuru system will automatically arrange teachers suitable for your Speaking schedule.