Transportation Policy

During our working hours from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday – Saturday, after you complete your payment transaction with Testuru, we will approve your account and send you a confirmation email so that you may start to log in and take the tests (Listening, Reading and Writing).

However, if you choose a full IELTS test, you should ensure that you are able to take these 3 tests without any interruptions because there is no break time between them. You will take the speaking test at the exact time you have registered.

For those who choose single test for each skills, you can register and take the exam anytime with Listening, Reading and Writing skills. As for the Speaking section, you also need to arrange and select the time on the system before taking the test.

The results will be released in the following timeframe:

+ For single test:

  • Listening / Reading: It will be scored and released within an 1 hour after submission.
  • Speaking: It will be scored and released within 24 hours after finishing the test.
  • Writing: It will be scored and released within 24 - 48 hours after submission.

+ For full package: you will get the test results after 24 - 48 hours since the time you have finished all 4 skills.