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1. What is learning online?

Learn English online unlike traditional learning methods, instead of going to classes to listen to teachers directly, learning English online would be much simpler and more convenient. Because you will not have to spend time moving to the center or the classroom anymore. All you need is a laptop, a desktop computer or just wifi-enabled connected electronic devices such as a phone, iPad or tablet, that you can learn English through online lessons. 

learn English online
How to learn English online effectively?

2. Why should we learn English online?

Firstly, the obvious factor that everyone can easily see is the convenience of time, as well as the location to study.

Because studying online means that you will have the right to choose the class that is most suitable for you. And an online method for learning English is an effective way for your English development. For those who have a busy working schedule or study schedule, online learning will be much more comfortable because you can study at any time. All you need to do is pay for the course or lesson and then study at your own pace.

Going hand in hand with time benefit is the comfort of a place to study. If going to school or language center will make you waste time on transmission, not to mention thinking what to wear when going out. Then self-study online or learn English online 1 with 1 online will be very comfortable because you can study wherever you want. It could be the free time at a cafe, or before I go to sleep in the evening, etc.

learn English online
learn English online

So you can see the most obvious benefit of online learning is saving time and the comfort of the place to study.

Besides, the next reason is learning online will give you the opportunity to choose the lesson you want. Choosing a topic to study will make you more interested and comfortable. Also, most of the online lectures will be divided into common topics in daily life, so you can practice with natural conversations.

Finally, because online learning is a global connection, it is also a great opportunity for you to make new friends around the globe and experience the diversity in national cultural identities around the world through storytelling. Sounds so great, doesn't it!

learn English online
learn English online

3. The benefits of learning method 1-on-1

The answer will definitely be 'YES' because online English learning 1-on-1 is the most effective way and also the fastest way to help you hone and develop your language skills, especially in listening and speaking Now, Testuru will summarize and give you the reasons why you should choose to study English online 1-on-1 with foreigners:

+ One-on-one learning means that only you and your instructor are there, so the teacher can easily understand your level. From that, the tutor can choose the teaching method as well as the most suitable learning materials for his/her students. And as a student, you can also have a chance to choose your favorite topics to practice with the instructor.

learn English online
learn English online

+ Moreover, learning 1 - 1 will give you a comfortable learning environment. Because it's just you and the teacher, it is no longer a concern for you to be afraid to say something wrong in front of a crowd or other friends when taking extra classes outside or in the classroom. Therefore you are completely relaxing and can comfortably talk or comment with your instructor.

+ Another special reason to explain why learning English online 1-teacher-1-student would be effective is that when studying with a private teacher, you will not be allowed to be lazy - a regular situation for those of you who are not consistent enough. Being indolent when studying alone is very common. So studying with a tutor will keep you on track.

learn English online
learn English online

So to choose a reliable and effective online learning place for you, please visit these links below!

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